About Carl Bradford

About Carl Bradford

Since 1979, I have devoted my career to helping people. Sometimes this has been through counseling. Other times, I have helped people understand the brain effects of serious medical disease or brain injury through neuropsychological evaluations. Currently, I am offering counseling.

My counseling approach is primarily informed by Cognitive Behavior Therapy, a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes how our thoughts and feelings relate to what we do. I also rely on a problem-solving forward-looking approach. I work to help people who want to create a good life for themselves.

I am particularly interested in the interaction between brain functioning and thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I enjoy helping people who seek to improve their lives, despite serious emotional or brain-related issues. Improvement in life often leads to more satisfying relationships, better mood, and a sense of self-determination.

I usually work with clients individually. However, at any point during treatment, we may include family members or others to support the therapy, such as identifying treatment issues or resources.

I maintain a telepsychology practice, which means that contact will be over the internet or phone.